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Reasons for the Failure of Precision Leveling Machine And Troubleshooting Methods

Reasons for the Failure of Precision Leveling Machine And Troubleshooting Methods
Update Time:2018-12-29

Straightener is normally used for automatic press production, any defect happens to the straightener will affect the quality of the final product and delay the production progress.  Actually a lot of common problems can be solved in site to save time. Hong-Er summarized some common faults which may cause to the straightener below in aim to help you solve problems in site. 

1. The Material Deviate its Direction.

Fault Cause: the feeding direction wasn’t right at the beginning causes the pressure not equal at both sides of the straightener.

Solution: take the material out of the straightener, adjust the pressure of both side, then re-feed the material correctly. 

2. The Pinching Roller Can not Drive the Material due to Slip.

Fault Cause:the pressure for the pinching roller is not enough to press the material tightly.

Solution: adjust the material press spring on the pinching roller clock-wisely to increase the pressure.  

3 The Material Feeding Stops Earlier or Later.

Fault Cause:  the defer of the time relay inside the control cabinet not right.

Solution:properly defer the relay to match the speed of the feeder.

4 Sensor Out of Order.

         Fault Cause: 1.the sensor in poor contact or disconnected.

                              2.time relay or relay fault.

        Solution: 1. check the sensor circuit;

                       2.check the appliances in the control cabinet.

5.The straightening roller not working.

      Fault Cause & Solution: 1. the material thickness over range;

     2. Driving chain disconnecting;

     3. Motor start button or contactor fault;

     4. Shaft pin between the decelerator and motor disconnected;

     5. Motor circuit in poor contact or disconnected.